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6th May 2024

Re: Review of Structures within Templeogue Synge Street GAA Club 2024

Our Review

The Executive Committee conducted a review of the workload involved in club administration. Club Administration is typically run through committee structures, with each committee having responsibility for a specific function.

Typically Committees are the engine of the club and are made up of the people that arrange and do all the necessary work except football team management.

As part of the review we looked at structures in other clubs. We grouped all the committees into 5 key areas; 1. Administration, 2. Finance and Fundraising, 3. Facilities and Development, 4. Games Development and 5. Coaching, Cultural, Social and Health.

The problem

In previous years, members of the executive committee have been the main driving force for the majority of the committee functions. People have doubled up and performed multiple roles and sat on multiple committees. However, TSS player numbers have grown substantially while the workload has increased, our committee structures have not grown in tandem. As a result we found an unsustainable workload on a small group of volunteers.

The Solution

A broader base of active volunteers involved in the multiple activities needed to run the club.

We have within our membership (parents and adult players), exceptionally talented people who have the professional skillsets, and whose contribution to these committees would improve and strengthen them enormously.

The Ask

My appeal is for help. Committees are typically made up of volunteer parents and volunteer players. We are asking for parents and adult players to volunteer to join one of the committee groups focused on a specific task.

Please dont be frightened off by the possible time involved, committees are purposely set up to focus and limit the amount of work involved in each group.

We hope that the response to this appeal proves the old adage that "many hands make light work."

In the graphic we have set out the various committees that we would like to have in place. If you have a particular desire/skillset that attracts you to a particular committee, please contact me to find out more or to simply volunteer.

Yours sincerely,

Denis Boland

Phone: 087 2851993