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TSS Statement on our Investment in our Dolphin Park Grounds

Statement regarding our investment in our Dolphin Park Facilities  

Templeogue Synge Street GFC 

March / April 2018 

Templeogue Synge Street GAA Club, as the owners of the pitches in Dolphin Park, are demonstrating a long term commitment to the local area by developing a plan to greatly improve and secure the facilities in Dolphin Park.

This will provide improved pitch surfaces, improved indoor facilities (dressing rooms, showers, gym, and meeting rooms) and improved training facilities via a small all weather training surface and flood lighting to enable greater use after dark.

This will all require a significant investment in the area, which is in addition to the previous gesture to the local community where we transferred part of our property to a local community group for free.

To facilitate this expansion the Club has received the backing of the Dublin County Board and the GAA in Croke Park to fundraise for this initiative by selling a small piece of land on the site.

Crucially, the new facility will still offer two adult and four juvenile pitches, as is currently the case.

The beneficiaries of improved facilities will be the GAA community, local schools and consequently the surrounding community. Currently we open the grounds to many groups, clubs and other bodies from the local community including local schools.

The development will be coupled with increased efforts to get improved community involvement in Gaelic Games.

This part of the Dublin 8 badly needs our club’s investment in improved facilities as it has been lacking top class facilities for many years and no other sports club in the area is in a position to provide these opportunities for children in the area.

Lastly, this is a self funding initiative and this project demands no taxpayer investment into our private property at a time when government resources are very limited. This leaves any available government resources available to be invested in even further facilities for the community elsewhere. In any event, it would take many many years to get government funding. We need to act now.

The following are some images showing proposed facilities and current inadequate facilities we wish to replace.

Current Facilities:

Current Dressing Rooms:

Current Shower area:

Proposed Facility:

Pitch Level view:

Playing Area showing zone for developing in white: