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TSS 7th Annual Cycle

TSSGFC Annual Cycle Information Page 2024

When is it on?
Sunday 1st September 2024

This is a fundraiser for the club ? 

Yes - the money raised will be used to enhance our club services to our player of all ages 

Where is the start? 

We hope to start at Terenure College Rugby Club. 

100KM Route starts 8am ( Route to Tallaght, Blessington , around the lakes and back )  

50KM Route starts at 10.30am ( Route to Saggart, Newcastle, Celbridge, Lucan, Strawberry Beds, Phoenix park, Kilmainham)

Is there a cost?
Yes €60 ! 

How do I register & pay  ? 

Online registration and fee can be completed here:

Is there a free jersey this year ?  

No - this is about fundraising this year so no free jersey ! 

How many routes ?
We hope to have 2 routes. 

1. A 50KM Leisure Cycle 

2. A tougher 100KM route

There will be water stops en route.  

Is it open to under 18s?

No - sorry adults only

Where will it finish up?

Terenure Rugby Club    


The TSS GFC Cycle is intended to provide every cyclist with the best event experience. In order to do this it is necessary to lay down the following regulations for the smooth running of the event.

  • The 100km Cycle starts at TBA 1st October from Terenure RFC with registration from TBA am.
  • Event finish at Terenure RFC
  • Water stops at 25km and 75km
  • Food stop at 50km
  • Contact number for Service and emergencies at the event will be : TBA
  • Safety approved cycle helmets are compulsory and must be worn at all times when cycling.
  • The event is on open roads the rules of the road apply at all times 
  • You must register on the day and within the times provided by the Event organiser
  • You must be aware of other cyclists around you and enable faster cyclists to pass you. Please look over your shoulder before overtaking.
  • You must use a bike that complies with the following rules and is deemed safe for the purposes of the event.
  • You may not deviate from the official route.
  • You are to obey the traffic officers and authorised marshals at all time
  • It is the Participant’s responsibility to provide and use a roadworthy bicycle and helmet which comply with rules and regulations.
  • You may not use your mobile phone while riding. You must stop at the side of the road if you need to make or receive a call.
  • You may not use a music player with headphones while participating in the event.
  • The event will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled, re-routed or stopped for reasons of safety

The Participant acknowledges that participation in the Event is physically strenuous. It is acknowledged that participation in the Event will be physically demanding and the Participant is aware of the nature of the Event and associated medical and physical risks involved. If in any doubt you should consult your Doctor / Consultant.

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