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Dolphin Development Update

Letter from Denis Boland Chairman TSS GFC 15/10/2022 8pm


14th October 2022

Dear TSS Member,

I write to you today with important and exciting news for Templeogue Synge Street GAA Club

New Planning Permission Application

Today, we lodged a new application for Planning Permission for the upgrade and redevelopment of Dolphin Park. Dolphin Park is our own ground, much loved and heavily used by so many teams in the club. This redevelopment will mean we provide better facilities for current players and future generations of players. With the improved facilities we expect that players will play for longer, and even after playing careers are over, we will have the improved facilities to encourage continued involvement in our GAA community as they journey through life. 

Improved facilities

Following the previous attempts at redeveloping the grounds, the executive committee considered at length multiple options and concluded the best option is a Sports Only development plan. This involves levelling and realigning the two adult pitches to consolidate all the spare ground into two properly usable training areas, which will be developed into an all-weather training area and a grass training area, respectively. All the above to be floodlit with best in class floodlighting to maximise the benefit and usage during the darker winter months. The plan also involves replacing the existing dressing rooms with a modern clubhouse building to include dressing rooms, gym, meeting rooms, kitchen and multifunctional rooms. There are no plans in our application to have a bar in the facility.

Growth in membership

The growth in our membership to its current level of almost two thousand strong has placed a significant pressure for playing and training surfaces. This demand will continue to grow as the current players grow older and need larger surfaces, longer and more frequent playing/training times. We believe with the maximisation of the playing space in the new development plan that Dolphin Park is best aligned for this increasing demand. We will of course continue to try to secure a pitch development opportunity in Dublin 6.

Funding this development

Of course we will not have the benefit of a land sale windfall cash injection to fund this development, which was planned in previous redevelopment attempts.  We will need to raise funds; we will supplement funds raised with grant funding and we will consider all funding options. We will need the support of members to get this done. The beauty of this development is that is can be phased and we will publish a phasing roadmap and funding plan soon.


This weekend I wanted to write to you with the good news that the application for planning permission is made. In the Appendix below, the proposed layout and explanation are set out. I will deal with timing and funding at a later date.

I want to thank all of those involved in formulating the new plan, but in particular, I want to thank Alan O’Brien for pulling all the pieces together and driving the project.

The future for Templeogue Synge Street GAA Club is a lot brighter with this plan. TSS Abú.

Is mise le meas,

Denis Boland



The proposed layout of Dolphin Park.



  • The two adult pitches are moved to the side, consolidating the ground to make usable training areas.
  • Beside Pitch 1 is an all-weather pitch
  • Beside pitch 2 is a grass training area
  • Warm up areas are provided beside each pitch
  • Both pitches, both training areas and the warm-up area beside carpark will be floodlit.
  • A new clubhouse will face directly onto pitch 1, with an enlarged car park and potential to spill carparking onto training / warm up area on busy match days.