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TSSGFC Operation Transformation Information Page

TSSGFC have 2 Operation Transformation events running that we would love you to  participate in. 

STEPs : Count the steps from your participating family members, enter online here weekly and the family with best average participant steps after 7 weeks wins a €100 Pure Sport Rathfarnham Voucher 

WEIGHT LOSS : Measure your weight weekly, enter online weight loss here weekly and the participant with best % weight loss after 7 weeks wins a €100 Pure Sport Rathfarnham Voucher


Q. When is the start date?

A. Wednesday, 6th January 2021

Q. When is the finish date?

A. Wednesday, 27th February 2021

Q. How does the week run?

A. Week runs from Wednesday 00:00 to Tuesday 24:00

Q. When and how often do I check in?

A. Check in is every Wednesday from 00:00 to 24:00 via the links provided on this page

Q. When will the winner be announced?

A. Winners will be announced Wednesday 27th February

Q. Can I enter the step challenge as an individual 

A. Yes, everyone is welcome to join in - as the step challenge is based on average steps per participant even a single entrant can participate

Q. Do I need to register?

A. No, when you submit your first check in that will count as your official entry to the competitions

Q. Is there a cost to enter?

A. No, there is no cost to enter the competitions.

Q. If I missed the first week can I still join the challenges?

A. Yes, you can join in at any point, still a possibility of winning. Our main focus is to get people active.

Q. If I forget to check in one week for the step challenge, can I check in for two weeks the next week?

A. Unfortunately, this will make things complicated for our tracking. Do not fret missing one week won’t have a huge impact on your overall tally of steps

Q. Will my data be published?

A. No, we will announce weekly total steps and combined weight loss of everyone taking part but never individual results. The winners will be contacted directly before being published to get consent to publish.

Q. How are the check ins verified?

A. We are relying on honesty and integrity of the participants to check in accurately and honestly.

Q. Do I have to do both challenges?

A. No, it is up to you, you can enter both or just one to focus on.

Q. Do you have to be a member of TSS to take part?

A. No, this is open to all members of the local community. The goal is to encourage everyone to be active and healthy in 2021.