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TSSGFC Return to Play Process

Important notes regarding our return to play process

Added October 22/10/2020 

A Few Notes re Club Covid Policy to Keep us all safe


Our Covid Committee met again to reflect on the current position and felt we should communicate  given the return to lockdown and revised rules given to us.


Effective 22/10/20 adults can no longer train - together or in groups

Only school going children (u5 up to and including Minor) are allowed train and must do so in pods of up to 15 on a non-contact basis

Players are asked to arrive with hands sanitised and should sanitise leaving training using their own sanitiser

If you need to travel more than 5K to get to our training venue – that IS allowed

We need to now insist that before every training event, that the return to play app is updated for every player. This has now been mandated as compulsory by the County Board

The requirement to update the app continues to apply to every mentor also for every training event

Parents are asked to not cluster on touchlines & ideally stay in the car for children from U8 upwards. Note: You may now only enter the playing surface at all if you have completed the return to play process on the GAA app. Note also that for Academy, there must be only 1 parent per child to attend and remain at the Academy for the duration of the session.

We ask for your total co-operation in working with your team mentors to ensure our club adheres fully to the rules upon which we can train. The club is asking managers to be fully compliant so please make it easy for the team managers please. 

Car pooling is discouraged

Our Team managers have also been advised that no end of season parties / social gatherings can happen – The GAA are explicit that immediately after training, everyone goes straight home and minimal engagement with others to happen. We will make up for it in the spring / summer ! 

Stay safe .... better days will come ....  

Thanks everyone, 

TSSGFC Covid Committee

Added August 9th 9am

(following revised Government instructions and advices from GAA and Dublin County Board)

Following last night’s government announcement, the GAA is seeking clarification on a number of issues relating to the organisation of Gaelic Football. As soon as we get clarity from the GAA we will pass on to our Managers & Members.

For the moment as we await GAA advice these are the instructions from 20/08/20 pertaining to TSSGFC:


  • All Matches can/will proceed
  • All matches must now be played "behind closed doors"
  • No more than 40 persons per team should be allowed access to games.
  • This figure should include all players, management, coaches, ancillary backroom personnel and team officials. The 80 team personnel (40 per team) is in addition to essential match day personnel such as Match officials (Referees, Linesmen, Umpires), Media and event officials (stewards etc.)
  • One parent or guardian may attend a game where they consider it necessary for the welfare of their own child. 
  • Lift sharing should not occur.
  • Attendee recording must continue as previously advised


  • Team training can continue no more than 15 people (including 2 coaches for u16 and younger & 1 coach for adult & minor) in a designated area of the field.
  • If you have for instance 2 pods of 13 + 2 coaches – these pods cannot mix on the night
  • Adult Teams may have 15 V 15 Training games but only using a full pitch – small sided close contact training matches / drills to happen within pods
  • Maintain a note of the pods for contact tracing including coaches
  • If training again the next day etc. there is no need to maintain the same 15 person pods
  • If you have 15 players and 1 coach - you cannot train – ask TSS for support if this is the case
  • Academy falls into the rules of training  
  • One parent or guardian may attend Training where they consider it necessary for the welfare of their own child.
  • Lift sharing should not occur.
  • Attendee recording must continue as previously advised
  • Cúl Camps can continue – no more than 15 including coaches in a designated area


Previous return to play protocols still apply: Symptom check ( if in doubt – stay home), hands sanitised before / after, no attendance after overseas travel etc. refer to for further guidance or the GAA learning portal.

TSSGFC Covid Return to Play Committee August 20th 2020


Added July 17th 21.34 

Added link to GAA website for information regarding club advise for dealing with positive or suspected cases of Covid 19

June 24th 2020 0001hrs

The GAA have issued a number of processes that we must follow in order to return to play safely. Please take a few minutes to read this carefully.

First some dates: 
Adult teams can return from 24th June
We are allowing our Juvenile teams back to training from Monday June 29th

Your Team mentors will be in touch on time & location for your teams return. Terenure College (who would love to let us use the pitches), have asked us to hold off for a few more weeks as they have had some anti social behaviour on their premises. As such they are trying to limit it by keeping the premises locked up which we fully respect. VEC are doing some construction work on a roof and for health & safety reasons it is not available for us to use for July or August. This means a large amount of our teams will need to train in Dolphin Park for the Summer, which will put space there under pressure.

We are also putting our Summer Camp on in Dolphin ( for the same reasons ) on August 10th. We sold 150 spots for the camp in 13 minutes. As such we are actively considering a second camp and we will advise as soon as we know on any news there.

Thanks to our Camp Sponsor - Please give this local company your support - see advert at the bottom of this email.

New Ladies Toilet Block 
We have ordered a nice new toilet unit for Dolphin. It will be in place and cleaned daily during camp and onwards for our girls/women. Long overdue. Thanks to last years fund raising and great sponsors like W Display this was possible.

Volunteers were slaving away over the last few weeks and Dolphin Park has never looked better. The Club Executive thank those volunteers for the hard work. It looks great.

So back to Covid 19 ...... 

Covid Supervisors 
Each panel has a Volunteer for the role of Covid Supervisor. The club are arranging a training / information event for our lead mentors and Covid Supervisors during this week. Your mentors will begin communicating with you with further instruction and we would ask that you participate as required to make sure this runs smoothly for the club.

The Basics

1. Complete this GAA provided training yourself if a player over 18 or parents on behalf of U18s. It takes about 20 - 25 minutes. This must be done before you arrive back to club events.

2. You must also register & complete a Covid questionnaire online prior to any return to play ( parents to complete on behalf of u18s).

(If you have any difficulty , there is an assistance manual here )

3. You will be asked to confirm your expected attendance at events. We need this digital record for any contact tracing required by the HSE. It is vital to do this when asked by your mentors.

4. When you/your child arrive at an event, you must go directly to the Covid Supervisor (who will be wearing a yellow fluorescent bib) and let them know you have arrived.

5. Bring your own sanitizer hand gel and sanitize hands before play and again when finished play before you leave.

6. Bring your own water bottle, clearly named to avoid any cross contamination.

7. Before coming at all you must check the temperature is not above 37.5 and under no circumstances should any player arrive at any event if any symptoms of Covid 19 exists.

8. Dressing are rooms not currently available - dress at home - apply strapping at home - play and go - no lingering.

9. Commute to and from events with members of your own family only, avoiding public transport services.

10. Lastly, if a you or your child plays with us and has Covid - see bottom of webpage for information.  

There is clearly a personal responsibility to act with care and respect for fellow GAA members in all of this and we seek that commitment from you. Naturally, there is no compulsion on anyone to attend events and it is entirely at your own discretion to participate.

Your lead mentors will be in touch next. We look forward to our return to football and with your co operation, we can do this safely and with minimal extra work.

Last and by no means least, a word of acknowledgment and thanks to Club Member Dr Tony Holohan who as he promised got us to a point where we can enjoy football again. When we reflect on what other nations are enduring, we can be thankful to have Tony at the helm during the last months. But it's not gone away you know .... so let's take care.

Thanks everyone,

TSS GFC Return to Play Committee

Added 03/07/20 on advices of County Board :

Dealing with positive Symptomatology - GAA Interim Guidance, June 28th 2020

The following advice is in place for GAA Clubs for dealing with positive symptomatology on an

interim basis and pending general Sport guidance from Government Departments.

The advice below is relevant to all adult and underage players.

Close v Casual Contacts - current definition for GAA

1. If a player reports positive symptoms on their Health Questionnaire, or has tested positive

for Covid-19 within the 48 hour period following a training session or game, members of the

infected player's team and backroom team (e.g. Manager, Coach, Selectors etc) should be

considered close contacts until advised otherwise by Public Health authorities.

2. If the incident occurs arising from a game situation between two different teams, a risk

assessment should be performed by Public Health in line with current HPSC Guidelines (FOR

HPSC GUIDELINES CLICK HERE) to ascertain whether some or all of the members of the

opposing team should be considered close contacts.


In either of the scenarios outlined above, the following process should be followed:

1. Player should not attend training/game/work, should self-isolate and contact GP to

arrange testing.

2. Player should also inform Covid supervisor of relevant team

3. If the positive symptomatology has arisen and a match has occurred involving that

player in the preceding 48 hours, a risk assessment should be performed by Public

Health to ascertain whether some or all of the members of the opposing team should be

considered close contacts.

4. Player undergoes Covid swab test (usually arranged by Public Health Authorities within

24 hours of referral).

If positive symptoms in player are within 48 hours of last collective training session or game,

his/her team should:

5. Defer all activity (training and games) until test results are available as all squad will be

considered close contacts if the individual tests positive for Covid 19.

6. If the test is negative, training and games can resume while continuing to adhere to all

control measures & pre training / games health questionnaire. The player can return to

activity once symptom free for 48 hours.

7. If the test is positive – all further activity suspended until public health contact tracers

carry out full close contact assessment and testing.

8. Team members (including Manager, Coach, selectors etc) self-isolate as per public

health advice and until advised otherwise

At all times, players who test positive should get medical assessment and clearance prior to

returning to training and competitive activity.

Given all of the above, the GAA’s Covid Advisory Group strongly recommends that Clubs allow

a minimum 48 hours between activities (training sessions or games) for each individual team

Please note that Public health expert advice is evolving in this area and current guidance will be

updated regularly.

Interim PPE advice for Medical Support teams:

• Doctors and physiotherapists wear face mask and gloves pitchside (glove change after

each player contact with safe disposal)

• Injury assessments in the dressing room/medical room when necessary - mask to be

worn by doctor / physio and player with adherence to all HPSC PPE guidance for close

proximity assessments.

Further information in this context is available at HPSC Guidance on PPE